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1. Lake Columbia

Claim to fame: Flooded timber covers about half of the 3,000- acre lake, six miles northwest of Magnolia. Lake Columbia is divided into four zones, with one small area off-limits to visitors, but fishing is aloowed on the rest with a western half opent to boating and water sports. 

Locals say… Largemouth bass are the lake’s main drawing card, but good crappie, catfish, bluegills and sunfish.

2. Lake Enterprise

Claim to fame: An oxbow off of Bayou Bartholomew, the world’s longest bayou, Lkae Enterprise is an Arkansas Game and Fish Commission lake near Wilmot. 

Locals say… Lots of variety for fishing. Whether you’re spinning, fly fishing or baitcasting, your chances of getting a bite are good.

3. Ouachita River

Claim to fame: The Ouachita runs for 600 miles from the Ouachita Mountains to Louisiana on an epic journey through diverse landscapes, including scenic bluffs in its upper reaches and swamp bottoms filled with cypress trees down south. 

Locals say… When asked about a favorite spot on the river, the whole river is good. You can catch smallmouths just about anywhere. 

4. Saline River

Claim to fame: It’s one of the last free flowing rivers in the Ouachita River Basin. The river empties into the Ouachita in the Felsenthal National Wildlife Refuge. 

Locals say… Excellent scenery, bass fishing and wildlife watching with sightings of bear, deer, mink, turkey, squirrel and otter. 

5. Tri-County Lake

Claim to fame: Located where Dallas, Calhoun and Cleveland countied meet, it’s the first Arkansas Game and Fish Commission lake build in South Arkansas. 

Locals say… Great sport fishing for bass, catfish, crappie, bluegill and sunfish. 

6. White Oak Lake

Claim to fame: In Bluff City, 18 miles northwest of Camden, White Oak Lake is the second largest lake constructed by the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission. It has a reputation of producing big fish, including a state-record catfish. On the upper lake is White Oak Lake State Park.

Locals say…  It’s quite, relaxing and family-oriented, but still known as a fishing lake. 

7. Bayou Bartholomew

Claim to fame: Meandering some 350 miles. Bayou Bartholomew is the world’s longest bayou. One of the most diverse streams in North America, it cuts across Ashley County creating four oxbow lakes – Enterprise, Grampus, Wallace and Wilson – and an abundance of hunting, fishing and birding opportunities before emptying into the Ouachita River. 

Locals say… One of Arkansas’ most overlooked waterfowl hot spots. 

8. Felsenthal National Wildlife Refuge

Claim to fame: Near Crossett, the 65,000-acre Felsenthal National Wildlife Refuge is the world’s largest green tree resevoir, with a vast complex of sloughs, bayous and lake, including the 15,000-acre Lake Jack Lee. The region’s two major river, Saline and Ouachita, flow throught he refuge. These wetlands support a wide variety of wildlife and provide excellent hunting, fishing and birding. Togeter, Felsenthal, Pod Creek and Overflow National Wildlife Refuges make the South Arkansas National Wildlife Refuge Complex. 

Locals say… It’s a best bet for late-season ducks.